Something strange happened yesterday at the Winter Olympics.  Something even more unlikely than the smoking hot women competing for the Russian Curling Team.  Instead of some romantic classical lullaby, the United States Pairs Figure Skating routine cranked up a Santana song during their short program.  Prior to that Ashley Wagner skated to the classic Pink Floyd song "Shine on You Crazy Diamond".

Hopefully, this will start a trend.  After all, when you need to get pumped up, do you listen to classical music?  Hell no, you turn on the rock and you turn it up loud.  Incorporating rock music into figure skating would make the sport much more exciting.

Just imagine the possibilities:  Van Halen's "Jump" could help inspire that triple lutz, double toe loop combo.  Foreigner's "Cold as Ice" could warm up that stingy Romanian judge.  And you know the German figure skaters would love to rock the rink "like a hurricane".

Even Tonya Harding, the most white trash figure skater of all time, was forced to choreograph her routine to some depressing classical song.  If only she could have skated to Nazareth's "Hair of the Dog" , she would have never needed to attack Nancy Kerrigan with that club.