For years and years, drummers have been stereotyped as the dumbest member of the band.  Even though they get more groupies than the bass player, they are the second hand citizens of the music world.  Now a new series of studies suggest that drummers might actually be smarter than their band mates.

According to a recent article from the website, drummers possess increase cognitive ability and better problem solving skills. The article cites a study from Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm which links intelligence with the innate timing that drummers use to keep the beat.  A similar study from the University of Texas shows a correlation between rhythm and natural intelligence.

On top of the physiological impact, playing the drums can also increase happiness and pain tolerance.  In light of this research, some educators have even introduced new methods of rhythm based therapy to improve test scores among junior high and high school students.

Next time you hear someone tell the old joke "What do you call a drummer with a half a brain? (Gifted)", explain to them that the drummer might just be the smartest dude in the group.  Just ask Neil Peart.