What's going on?

Changes at Rescue Mission
Those who have alcohol on their breath or are intoxicated at any level will not be allowed to stay.
Zimmerman Trail
The opening of Zimmerman Trail has been moved back to sometime during Thanksgiving week.
Antiques Show
All items are for sale and dealers are eager to buy as well as sell.
And...It's Over
The media will still pick sides, politicians will still lie for power, people will still love America and people will still hate America.
Money Time Today
The candidates and political observers say there aren't many undecided voters left in the race after a record amount topping $67 million was spent to influence their choice.
Wednesday Please!
I can't wait to get bombarded by commercials for furniture ads.
Awards Show Tonight
Magic City Music Awards is open to the public and takes place Friday from 7:30 – 11 p.m. A $5 admission price goes back to Amp Camp, a rhythm section retreat hosted each summer at Rocky Mountain College that helps prepare emerging musicians for a career in music.

Tyler Cook, guitarist for De…
A Must See Movie
Bohemian Rhapsody opens nation wide this Friday November 2nd.
Too Close to Home
A device that looked like it was designed to blow up but contained no explosives was left at an entrance to Montana TV station
Montana Halloween
I figured it was only fair, since I took them on the excursion in the first place.
Video from television news helicopters showed federal agents and police officers examining a white van in the parking lot of a business in Plantation, Florida.
One of the best places to go is First Alliance Church at the corners of 18th and Central, across from Par 3 Golf.
Ya, I'm a Baseball Fan
I love the game, but more I love sitting in the park with the sounds and smells.
Wild Pony Racing
Wild Pony Racing is is taking the place of mutton busting at the NILE this week in Billings.
Bear Attack
was at least the seventh bear attack on a human since May in the Northern Rocky Mountains.