Having spent many years working in musical theater at a southern California venue, I have accumulated many über liberal friends. These tea sipping progressive pals of mine are, of course, quite active on social media. After several Facebook rants, bashing Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow for having the audacity to exercise his 1st amendment right by practicing his religion without threat of persecution, it got me thinking. What if the young Tebow praised Allah rather than God?

It's almost game time! Let's head to the stadium to watch the burgeoning Islamic athlete.

Strapping on his armored kufi our hero jaunts past the all male cheerleading squad and onto the field. (they had to switch to all male cheerleaders after the horrible incident where a burqa clad cheerleader fell off the top of the pyramid exposing her ankle to the crowd. Her whereabouts: unknown). The crowd is a bit thin because of the long lines at the restrooms. Half of them had to be converted to foot baths thus leaving a shortage of lavatories on the main concourse.

With the Adhan blaring over the PA system, the crowd finally settles into their seats. The air is filled with anticipation. A person almost drops their Halal approved, horse meat hot dogs on the person in front of them in the excitement. Security rushes to row 32, scimitars at the ready in case alcohol may have caused the near gaffe. Phew. No booze. But he did take out a collage loan. So his decapitation will be carried out at halftime.

The ball is flying through the air, end over end. A nice return to the 32 yard line. But what's this? Whistles blowing? There seems to be yellow linen everywhere! Holding? Block in the back? Nope, just one of the 3 scheduled prayer time outs. Everyone kneels on their golden prayer rugs. Who knew, every seat in the house points toward Mecca!

My point here is not that Christianity is beyond reproach. Certainly a case can be made that many horrible things have been perpetrated in the name of Jesus. But to direct such hatred towards a guy who kneels in prayer after a touchdown instead of doing the duggie, while giving a pass to a religion that, in my opinion, openly practices misogyny and has just as long and sorted history as any non-secular group?  That's not right.

How about you don't dislike anyone because of their beliefs? I don't hate my lefty friends because they think a big hug will solve the worlds problems, or that the life of a laboratory rat should gain prevalence over that of a human being. There are so many other things I like about them. To let one or two MAJOR personality flaws get in the way of a good friendship would just be silly.