This is awesome!  KBear is proud to welcome the Steve Miller Band to Billings for the 2013 Magic City Blues Fest as part of our 20th Anniversary celebration!

Steve Miller will be the headliner on Saturday night August 10 in downtown Billings. Tickets for the show will go on sale on February 15 at magiccityblues.com.

With iconic songs like “The Joker”, “Fly Like an Eagle”, Rock-n-Me”, “Jet Airliner” and “Take the Money and Run”, his trademark blues-rock sound has made him a classic rock favorite for more than 40 years!

One of music’s most interesting and prolific artists, Steve Miller has been
making records of nearly every genre since 1968. A well-traveled blues
guitarist who arrived in San Francisco in 1966, just one year prior to that
city’s fabled Summer Of Love, Miller signed a lucrative deal with Capitol Records
that resulted in some of the most substantial, texturally interesting music
of the era. In the course of 20 years at Capitol, Miller and a varying cast
of musicians–always billed as the Steve Miller Band–would produce music
that was alternately psychedelic, bluesy, R&B-inspired, country-tinged,
gorgeously poppy, discofied, highly synthetic, and straight-out jazzy. Even
more remarkable than that variety was his ability to perform skillfully in those
modes without submerging the core of his sound or his own personality. In short,
Steve Miller’s 17 albums sound nothing alike–but always very much like the
work of Steve Miller.

Can't wait! This is going to be a great show! Stay tuned more headliners and performers will be announced in the coming months!