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Sam’s Lesson Of The Day!
In today's lesson we will head into the rhythm part of AC DC and the song Thunderstruck. Last week we had a lesson on the lead and now it's time for the rest of the song. The beginning of the rhythm is probably the hardest part so loosen up those fingers and Enjoy...
Sam’s Lesson of the Day
For today's lesson I thought you should see a couple of different ways to play "Thunderstruck" by ACDC.
There is the easy way and then there is the way it is played on the album. Actually both ways would sound alright in a bar atmosphere...
Phil Rudd Plans to Avoid Jail Time
Phil Rudd pleaded guilty today to one charge of threatening to kill and two counts of drugs possession, but the former AC/DC drummer doesn't intend to spend a day in jail.
Sam’s Favorites : AC DC
Hey everybody!!! It is time for me to share one of my favorites with you. Every day I cruise the internet looking for whatever tune floats my boat at the moment! Today my favorite is AC DC. I would love to hear your suggestions, and who knows maybe I will post one of your favorites right here on The…

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