Steve Jobs Stepping Down as Apple CEO
Steve Jobs is stepping down as chief executive at Apple, the company said on Wednesday. Jobs will remain at the company as chairman, but he and his iconic black turtleneck will be replaced by former Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook.
Apple Reveals Highly Anticipated iCloud at WWDC
At WWDC, Apple's annual developers conference, head honcho Steve Jobs came and went in only two hours, but left the rapt audience of gadget geeks with the next full year of the company's plans, including the launches of iCloud, iOS5, and the new Mac OSX Lion...
New App Will Make Your Breasts Bigger
NICE! I think Sam is going to download this one!
A new iPhone app called iAugment allows women who are considering breast augmentation to see how they would look with a new pair without actually having to go to the plastic surgeon to get an expensive and potentially embarrassing virtual visualization…
Apple Announces iPad 2
It will be available March 11 here in the US. Steve Jobs made the announcement today.
I don't know, we just got our iPads not too long ago. Just starting to get used to all the apps and new stuff and all of a sudden there is a new one. What do you think?