Middle School Students Take Field Trip to Hooters
It's every eighth-grade boy's dream: a field trip that involves lunchtime at Hooters, a restaurant more renowned for its bust lines than its menu.
Though the central Pennsylvania middle school students may have been pleased, others were a little astounded at the teachers' restaurant of…
Silencia – Suicide Girl of the Day
Meet Silencia, a Suicide Girl who loves grandparents and sarcasm and says her list of hobbies is composed of lots of things ending in "ing." This babe says she couldn't live without her brain and heart, but could probably make it without her other organs.
Best Places in Billings for a Bachelor Party – Our Top Five
Bachelor parties have been going on for centuries and have been celebrated all over the world. It is the celebration of boyhood to manhood usually planned by a man's brother or best man. This party goes beyond your normal party and usually involves lots of booze, strippers, and friendly pranks. The …