Heads Up Billings’ Beer Drinkers
It's an election year and some things tend to get a little strange when these come around. This one is no exception but I feel commendable to an extent none the less.
According to a number of news organizations like this story from the New York Times, Budweiser will be changing it's na…
5 Things Montanans Did Before The Internet
Technology has taken over the world!...and I believe it all started with the internet.
Most of us couldn't survive without it today. Nearly everything we do crosses the path of the internet is one form or the other.
I remember the time when trying to figure out where you were going involved a map…
This Billings’ Man Is Regretting This…
When I moved to Billings last July I met a guy who lives out on the West End and quickly we became fairly good friends.
Something happened with him on Saturday and I asked if I could tell his story. He said yes but I will leave him nameless in this post...
Billings’ Worst Street [Opinion]
This past Saturday I did a live broadcast from the Cricket Wireless store at 301 S. 24th Street W.
The weather was great and conditions couldn't have been better for this 2 hour stint of talking about cell phones live on the radio...
Get Ready To Do Some Fine Cookin’
It's time once again to jump on that VIP Club and do some winning!
If you have a love for the kitchen then we have a great prize for you! Make sure you register for the VIP Club for your shot at winning a Anolon Nouvelle Copper Stainless Steel 10-Piece Cookware Set...
Is Lane Cutting Really Necessary? [Opinion]
One of my biggest pet peeves is a lane cutter.
Now don't get me wrong, if a person legitimately forgets what lane they are supposed to be in, I will let them in out of courtesy. That is what I feel a good driver should do.
However, if I see a vehicle blaring up the road with it's blinker on …
Now This Is A Prize I Like!
The winning continues in the Cat Country VIP Club!
Right now you have a shot at winning this Indoor/Outdoor Movie Screen with a Projector!
With the weather being so nice this week, I could totally see my family and I popping some popcorn and heading out to the backyard to watch a movie with this aweso…
It Happened Again and I’m Sick Of It
The street that we live on is a main traffic area for kids who get off the bus to walk home and there are a lot of kids that take this path right in front of our house each day.
This is the message I received from her after the incident:
Nitro Circus Is Coming To Billings! [Video]
Are you ready Billings? Nitro Circus is coming to Rimrock Auto Arena at MetraPark on Sunday, May 15th!
This show is going to awesome on so many levels. Grab the whole family and make sure you check out this event.
Keith Sayers, who is one of the riders in the show stopped the studio to …
Another Scam in My Email
People trying to scam people. It's an age old dilemma and unfortunately it always will be. It makes me want to find those behind the scam and do really bad things to them. One thing I can't stand is frauds. Something else I can't stand is those who think I am stupid enough to fall for…
It May be Time to Give It Up
Have you ever gone through a part of your life and wondered if what you were doing was a good thing for you to do?
I have been battling one of those thoughts for the past couple of months and I am not sure I can make the change.
I will be the first to admit that I have an addiction and I love it...
Billings Xtreme Beat Idaho Mustangs
It was a game that almost didn't happen!
This past Saturday the Billings Xtreme football team was set to take on the Idaho Mustangs at Daylis Stadium here in Billings.
Kickoff was scheduled for 5pm, but when the clock hit that time, there was no sign of the Mustangs...

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