Montana Brewer Creates Triple Layer Cake Beer
Yum! Here’s a new brew with a twist!  Bozeman Brewing Company took the “Black and Tan” to new heights this week by creating the ”Triple Layer Cake,” a blend of Nitro Dry Irish Stout, Hopzone IPA, and a …
Woman Eats Fancy Necklace That Boyfriend Hid in Cake
A Chinese man thought baking a $800 necklace into a small cake and then presenting it to his girlfriend would be perfect mix of romance and humor.
Unfortunately, Xaio Li’s plan backfired when his apparently very hungry honey ate the cake in one bite.
Easy Easter Dessert Recipes [VIDEOS]
Though technically a religious holiday, Easter has become more synonymous with milk chocolate candies in the shapes of eggs and bunnies, fruity snacks in springy hues and all sorts of decadent desserts. Stock up on the goods in stores, but also think about making a few of your own delectable treats …