No Candy for Parades
Did you know there is a Billings city ordinance that prohibits people on parade floats from throwing candy out to the spectators?
Trick or Treat
A couple of days ago for Halloween we had a trick or treater at our door.  Sounds strange, but I live on a busy street in Billings so we normally don't get any.  When the door bell rang, I popped up and gave the lone scary person a few of my candy bars.  A...
One of our sister radio stations (97.1 Kiss FM) is doing a radio promotion "Pumpkin Smash"  this Saturday at the Maze at Grandpa's farm.  I was delegated to go pick up 25 of the 50 pumpkins to be smashed.  They will be decorated with prizes inside...
Trick-Or-Treat for Troops This Halloween
Once again this year, Brewer Dental Center is offering to buy your Halloween Candy for $1 a pound. In addition to knowing that you might be saving yourself some extra pounds or cavities, you can also know that your candy will be shipped off to our troops overseas via Operation Gratitude...
Why I Am So Anti-Valentine’s Day
Oh goody.  Here come's Valentine's Day.  Can you feel my enthusiasm? Probably not.  I'm not a big fan of it.  So, if you dislike Valentine's Day as well, don't worry. You are not alone!

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