The 5 Worst Pickup Lines – Guaranteed to Offend!

Needless to say, if any man or woman tries any of these awful lines on you, just walk the hell away.  Imagine a huge “Warning” sign going off inside your head telling you, “Run Forrest, just run away,” from the complete loser that used it.   Of course th…

Epic Boob Stare Caught on Camera [VIDEO]
In this video, a youngster stares down a TV reporter’s amply-filled halter top like he’s just discovering the wonders of the female form for the first time. His sheepish — but not necessarily apologetic — look when caught is pretty priceless.
Playground Fails Supercut [VIDEO]
It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. At least that’s how the old adage goes but if this video compilation of playground fails is any indication, it’s only after someone gets hurt that the fun really begins. From swing sets to see-saws and every piece of play equipment in between, this…