Don’t Start 2015 With A Hangover
Since the Hawk will be playing the top 103 drinking songs on New Year's Eve, I thought I should be responsible and share some of the best preventative measures for avoiding hangovers.
Fact: I have drank until I should have died on many occasions and have never once had a hangover...
You Spend Almost a Year of Your Life Hungover!
It's a good thing being drunk is so wonderful, because this sounds TERRIBLE.
A new survey found the average person spends 315 total days HUNGOVER, which means you waste almost a FULL YEAR of your life feeling like crap because you drank the night before...
Party B*lls To The Wall With No Consequences!!!
Feeling guilty about over indulging this past holiday weekend? A little bloated from stuffing your face with just about anything you can legally throw on a BBQ? Coughing up blood after waking up in a rest stop somewhere in South Dakota? Wow...
How to Stay Hangover-Free This Mardi Gras
Since Mardi Gras is a holiday that goes hand-in-hand with gluttonous drinking, we thought we’d offer a few tips for a more positive drinking experience for those who want to enjoy themselves and not wind up a morning-after mess.