Hot Mess of the Day

The BakeN’Bra Brothers — Hot Mess of the Day
Names: The BakeN'Bra Brothers
Location: Traveling show.
Occupations: Performance artists/artisan bakers/babysitters-for-hire.
Hobbies: Playing human double dutch, eatin' their veggies and being supportive.
5 Things They Can’t Live Without: Art, carbohydrates…
Tabitha Tubesock — Hot Mess of the Day
Name: Tabitha Tubesock
Location: Palm Springs, Florida
Occupation: Collections agent for Columbia House, on the overnight shift.
Hobbies:Dumpster divin', extreme coupon-in' and stayin' up all night.
6 Things I Can’t Live Without: Truck stop diners, podc…
Vulture and Pancake — Hot Mess of the Day
Names: Vulture and Pancake Marianelliolo-Manicotti-Stugots
Location: Deer Park, Long Island
Occupations: Tag-team duo of the Strong Island Gladiators, a local copycat league of the early 1990's TV show 'American Gladiators.' Matches are held every Friday at 8pm in the We…
Edna Scissorhands — Hot Mess of the Day
Name: Edna Scissorhands
Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Occupation: Freelance foot model, brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton (cease and desist order pending).
Hobbies: Shoe shopping, temporary tattoos and Angry Birds.
6 Things They Can’t Live Without: Foot rubs,…
Rhonda and Rodney Rainbow — Hot Mess of the Day
Name: Rhonda and Rodney Rainbow
Location: San Francisco, CA
Occupation: Owners and operators of Rhonda and Rodney's Rowdy Rickshaw - A bar pick-up service for the intoxicated and adventurous.
Spend Their Free Time: "I mean, getting into the costumes pretty much eats up most of t…
Larry Lechuga — Hot Mess of the Day
Name: Larry Lechuga
Location: Just outside the fence at Disney's Epcot Center.
Occupation: Produce distributor and hug philanthropist.
Spends His Free Time: Scaring the ever-loving guts out of everyone he meets.
Interests: Face painting, his vintage Doc Martin collection, …