Ian Anderson

Ian Anderson Says His Next Album Will Be Folk-Prog-Metal Hybrid
Ian Anderson promises new music in 2014. And while he knows what direction the project will take (it's a concept album), details -- like whether or not it will be a solo record or a Jethro Tull LP -- are still up in the air. Either way, Anderson says it will be a folk-prog-metal hybrid.
Aqualung A Confirmed Stowaway on Upcoming Jethro Tull Tour
I get pretty excited about memorable concert experiences and opportunities.  Growing up in this part of the country meant big trips to Seattle, Minneapolis,  Calgary and the like.  I can't imagine this show to be anything less than a sure-bet for real Tull fans...
Jethro Tull’s ‘Stand Up’ Expanded Collectors Edition
Hearing the start of the interview with Jethro Tull front man Ian Anderson proves beyond doubt that the music Anderson and his band mates have crafted through the decades does indeed stand up well to the test of time. Talking about the early days and the mention of the year 1968 drives that point ho…