Judas Priest

Sam’s Favorites : Judas Priest
Hey everybody!!! It is time for me to share one of my favorites with you. Every day I cruise the internet looking for whatever tune floats my boat at the moment! Today my favorite is Judas Priest.
I would love to hear your suggestions, and who knows maybe I will post one of your favorites right here …
Sam’s Jam Preview and The Last Jam 9/27
Make sure you tune in every day for the Traffic Jam, where I’ll play the songs you just never hear anywhere else. Unless you’re dropping the needle on a vinyl at home or shoving in an 8-track, or course! Here’s a little taste of what you&CloseCurlyQu…
K.K. Downing Opens Up About Leaving Judas Priest
Judas Priest fans were shocked in 2011 when guitarist K.K. Downing left the band he founded in 1969. In a new interview, he spoke in depth about his reasons for leaving, and the differences in the industry between now and when he started.
Judas Priest Slated for Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp in Vegas
Ever wanted to hang out with Judas Priest? If you have at least five grand and some vacation time coming up, you'll get the chance early next year at Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp. Frontman Rob Halford, bassist Ian Hill, drummer Scott Travis and new guitarist Richie Faulkner will all be part of 'Hell B…

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