Are These the Nine of the Most Quotable Movies Ever?
Everybody has at least one movie they're constantly quoting . . . and some movies provide a seemingly endless supply of quotes.  Here are nine of the best, along with a few classic quotes from each:
"Airplane"  (1980):  "I AM serious...
The Top Reasons You Didn’t Go See “Sex Tape”
I've been waiting for years to see the words "Cameron Diaz" and "Sex Tape" in the same sentence. And when it finally happens... it's just yet another sh*tty summer movie with the rapidly aging actress and whoever the rom-com douche of the month is in Hol…
“The Hunger Games” Pickup Lines
Were you one of the millions of people that crowded into the theaters last weekend to get a peek at the latest Hollywood money making machine? The Hunger Games is poised to take over the pasty-faced vampire and sexually confused wizard movies that have been the source of teenage obsession the pas…
Metallica Name Director for 3D Film Due Out in 2013
More details have surfaced about Metallica‘s upcoming 3D feature film. It will land in multiplexes in 2013 and the Four Horseman have tapped Nimród Antal to direct. It has also been confirmed that the film will marry a narrative with concert footage.

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