Musical Ménage à trois. Let’s Get It On!
Easy does it freaks. It's not what you think. But it got you to click the link didn't it?
I'm talking the best Rock and Roll trios in history! (I'm sorry Destiny's Child fans, they didn't make the list)
I came up with a dozen three member bands that I think make up the &a…
12 “Flawless” Albums That Don’t Have Any Bad Songs
Not many people like to buy whole albums anymore, and that's partially because digital music is focused on SINGLES, and since we entered the digital age, a lot of albums are just rushed out with a ton of FILLER.
So, today we have a list of albums that some people think have NO filler, and are pa…
ECON 101: Music Sucks, Sales Are Down
Everyone knows that the music industry has been struggling, is it because of illegal downloads? Is it iTunes? Or is it because music sucks? Looking at the list of the top 10 selling albums so far, I'm leaning toward the later. I can forgive Beyonce and Katy Perry because of their sheer hottness…
Enter the Soirée Star Musical Shootout!
We're looking for the best bands under the big sky to perform at Alberta Bair's Wild West Soirée!
From March 15 through May 12, we'll be collecting music from bands and musical acts throughout the area. Starting on May 16, our viewers will be able to vote for their favorite mus…

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