‘V/H/S’ – JP’s Netflix Picks
All this month I am talking, and writing, about nothing but 'scary' movies. Because that's the only thing that is on my television for the month of October.
So expect all of my Netflix picks this month to be have a very 'scary' theme to them. To kick it all off I have my first recommendation of the m…
13 Hilarious Netflix Fails
If you're part of the amazing world that is Netflix, you know there's a handy little recommendation feature. Basically, Netflix suggests programs based off what you've previously watched, and it's spot on most of the time. However, there are some instances where things get a litt…
‘LUTHER’ – JP’s Netflix Picks
You know that one friend that it seems like we all have? You know, the one who swears by the foreign version of a television show or movie is always better than their American counterpart? Well here's a change to throw their own smug sense of satisfaction back in their faces! 'Luther' is an original…
New Netflix Instant Movies — July 2013
You don't have to go outside to enjoy the fireworks this July -- stay inside and check out some of what Netflix Instant has to offer with the latest movies added to their streaming service. Whether you want action, comedy, or drama, Netflix Instant has a little something for everyone.

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