NFL Popularity State by State
Why is your favorite football team your favorite?  Did your father and grandfather watch them?  Is it the region of the country you're from or in?  Maybe it was a great college player that you followed to the NFL.
I grew up a Raiders fan because my father is a Raiders fan...
NFL Pick ‘Em Winner Sweep
Are you playing NFL Pick 'Em with us?  Nathan Althoff is the winner the second week in a row.  How did he do it?  What does he know that the rest of us don't?
Another $25 gift certificate to Cadillac Jax again this week for Nathan...
Best Place to Watch Football in Billings
Are you part of our NFL Pick 'Em Contest?  We have a weekly winner of $25 to Cadilliac Jax and the grand prize will be a Miller Lite Mini Frig from Briggs.
The 25$ is a great prize, spent yesterday afternoon watching football there.  Food was great...

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