I can see the special agent, driving the hummer on North Broadway.
Parking Downtown?
If you are headed downtown and will need a place to park maybe head to park 3 or somewhere other than park 2. They are working on park two and have a lot of it taped off. I am sure the work needs to be done but if you look elsewhere you just might save yourself some time...
Parking Peeve, Billings has this happened to you?
I don't know what bothers you.  Rude people with no consideration for others drive me crazy!  Really, you think your the only one walking around here?  Some people just can't see past their own nose.
So last night got home and ran a couple of errands...
Big Brother Is Watching And Listening In Billings Elevators
I work downtown in the Crowne Plaza and, like most employees, I must park in the city parking garage on First Avenue. There have definitely been occasions (at least three) when I have encountered some weirdness in the garage's elevator.
I have seen a presumably homeless man sleeping, a young dru…
Parking Lot Reminder Signs at MetraPark
The Metra is a great facility, so don't take this as a complaint so much as a note in the suggestion box.
I took the kid out to MontanaFair on Saturday night and had to park in the upper lot above the arena. I didn't mind the walk considering I've been to lots of fairs with much less t…
Bad Winter Driver [VIDEO]
Last week I pulled out of my driveway, up to the stop sign at the end of the street and completely slid into the intersection. I think the frozen roads caught a lot of people off guard since it was pretty warm and mostly bare pavement.
After that, I drove pretty slow and probably annoyed some peop…