Lauren Waugh — Babe of the Day
Today’s ‘Babe of the Day’ describes herself as “a mess in a dress, a free spirit and travel junkie.” She has graced the cover of Playboy magazine twice, has been featured on, and worked with Hooters magazine.
Katelynn Ansari – Babe of the Day
Katelynn Ansari is a full-time model who was born and raised in southern California.  She has done swimwear and fashion modeling, as well as various music videos. She enjoys hiking, camping, going to the beach, horseback riding and traveling.
April Garcia – Babe of the Day
April Garcia is a relative newcomer to the modeling scene. And can we just say, we’re likin’ what we’re seein’.
This Filipino native moved to the San Diego, Calif. when she was 10 years old. She has recently settled in Seattle, Wash...
Anjeanette Carter — Crush of the Day
Our ‘Crush of the Day,’ Anjeanette Carter, is pretty damn funny. Exhibit A is her Twitter account.
She is a popular blogger, a regular contributer to and tweeter from Los Angeles and is rapidly gaining recognition due to her sarcastic and witty tweets. You may ha
Rebecca Bosworth – Babe of the Day
Rebecca Bosworth looks like the girl next door…that your mother warned you about.
This Rhode Island hottie is an aspiring runway model and one tall drink of water (5’10” to be exact). Bosworth was also named a finalist in Playboy’…
Stephanie Mahoe – Babe of the Day
We racked our brains with words to describe Stephanie Mahoe‘s butt and after much deliberation, we believe Soulja Boy said it best, “She got a donk.”
Mahoe, of Chicago, Ill., is a fitness, bikini and glamour model and was also honored with the prestigious title of 20…

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