What’s Your Favorite Album Cover?
I wish album art wasn't dying.  Remember actually going down to the store and physically picking up your new music.  I miss those days. What is your favorite album cover?  Besides owning the album you might have even owned a poster for your room of the same album...
Dylan’s Top 5 Songs About Work
Oh Monday, such a bastard.  Alright, I love my job but I don't think that any of us enjoy getting up on Monday morning, no matter how much you love your gig.
Top 5 songs about that four letter word WORK.  What would yours have been...
The ‘Red Rocker’ Turns 67 Today.
Man, I hope to look as good as this man does at 67.  He acts like he's 25 and still sounds like it too.  On top of that makes some of the best damn tequila in the world.  Maybe that's what keeps him young.  Cheers Sammy!  Happy Birthday...
Your First Album
I am sure you remember the first album you bought with your own money.  Money that you earned from cleaning toilets, maybe mowing lawns or whatever chores your parents complied for you.
My first album that I wore out, yeah I bought it more than once from wear...
Bryan Adams – Don’t Even Try
Have you heard the New Bryan Adams?  No excuse now.  Bryan Adams fans, it seems like people really like him or they just don't give a crap.  Billings, how do you feel?
Dylan’s Top Five Rolling Stones Songs
Keith Richards when promoting his new solo album let is slip that the band is going to work on a new album, well that's the rumor anyway  I welcome it, will some of the new crap that's coming out.  Bring on a new Rolling Stone album.
This is not an easy list, tear it up...
Dylan’s Top 5 Drinking Songs
Who doesn't like a few cold ones?  Or, sometimes more than a few.  Here's my Top Five Drinking Songs.  What songs should have made the list that didn't.  What are your Top 5?  Quick, someone pass me a beer, I need inspiration.
Dylan’s Top Five Trucker Songs
Who doesn't like a big hairy man in a truck?  OK, not all truckers are big and hairy. In fact, there's more female truckers now then ever before.  It's National Trucker Week.  What are your top five trucker songs?
What is Your Favorite Rock Track, Billings?
What's 'Your Track' ?  The song that comes on the radio and changes your mood. Makes your day.  I once blamed a speeding ticket on Iron Maiden's Run to the Hills.  Hey, it came on the radio and I just started to drive faster.  It wasn't me, officer...
Do You Believe Women Have a Place in Rock?
I don't know how you feel about chicks in rock.  Weather they are fronting the band or playing bass.  Have been lucky enough to work at a couple of different rock stations in my nearly two decades in radio.  And I've found that not all guys like women in their rock…

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