Roger Taylor

Queen Extravaganza Tribute Band Chosen by Roger Taylor
Queen‘s Roger Taylor has chosen the six young musicians pictured here in Brady Bunch fashion to serve as the band and singers for the 2012 Queen Extravaganza tour. (Guess that makes him “Michael,” huh?) After a nearly five-month long search for four musicians and tw…
Roger Taylor’s Queen Tribute Band
Time is running out to get on board.  Queen’s Roger Taylor is set for Round Two in the selection of an official Queen tribute band. The drummer has been reviewing auditions submitted online by musicians from around the globe.
They Will Rock You? – Possible Queen Reunion for 2012 Olympics
After hearing that Queen drummer Roger Taylor had suggested a reunion for the 2012 Olympics in London, singer Paul Rodgers said, “I would be open to something like that.” Rodgers told Billboard that he was proud of what he and Queen accomplished during their years togethe…