sam's stupid things

Sam’s Best Falls Of The Week!
Of course what would a Monday be without some falls and stupid people. So for your enjoyment kick back and take a break on Monday. You know Monday is the worst day of the week at least it is for me.....Enjoy!!
Sam’s Stupid Things!
It must be monday because we are looking around the net for funny and stupid people once again. As always should you try these things at home you are on your own. But these are always funny to watch so Enjoy!
Sam’s Stupid Things!
Well there never seems to be a lack of stupid people on the internet. But on a Monday it's kinda nice to have a laugh or ten. As always you'd be best off not to try this stuff at home. Besides if you did we might be watching you next week. Enjoy...
Sam’s Stupid People!
As always some folks just have no common sense at all. It's not to hard to locate these people on the net but it is a fun time watching some of the things that they do.....As Always have a few laughs with me And Enjoy!!