Are You a Germaphobe?
Alright, everyone in the office is getting sick.  That flu is moving around this place faster than sprints at the Billings Motorsports Park Speedway. Really, four people down in less than a week.
I've started to avoid shaking hands and just do an elbow bump instead...
123 Fall Ill After Night in Playboy Hot Tub
Last February, Hugh Hefner and his posse held a fundraising event at the notorious Playboy mansion.
And though many decadent, debaucherous parties lead to a few exchanged diseases, this one resulted in over 100 people reporting pneumonia and flu-like symptoms after the evening's shindig came to …
The Crazy Train Derailed?
Sad news for Ozzy fans in Reno Nevada last night as Ozzy canceled his show due to sudden illness. But have no fear, he rescheduled his appearance for Saturday April 23rd.