Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler Explains Aerosmith Album Delay
They’ve had over a decade to get things just right, so why are Aerosmith bumping back the release date of their long-awaited new album ‘Music From Another Dimension’? According to Steven Tyler, there’s a relatively simple — albeit disappoin…
Steven Tyler – Then and Now
With Aerosmith now in its fourth decade of existence, Steven Tyler has been in our public consciousness for so long that sometimes it’s hard to remember what the rubber-faced singer and ‘American Idol‘ judge used to look like. Let’s jog our memories a bit,…
Steven Tyler Says Aerosmith Tour Starts June 18
Mark your calendars for June 18, Aerosmith fans.That’s when the band’s tour kicks off, according to frontman Steven Tyler. Tyler will be all done with his ‘American Idol’ judging duties by then and ready to hit the road hard!

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