suicide girl of the day

Amarynth – Suicide Girl of the Day
Meet Amarynth, a Rhode Island SuicideGirl who loves to cook and digs hipbones. Save the cheesy pickup lines on this babe, fellas, because this babe says they turn her right off.
Lunar – Suicide Girl of the Day
Meet Lunar, a South African Suicide Girl who loves pole dancing and spends most of her time playing computer games. This babe has a soft spot for the adorable, listing Hello Kitty as her biggest vice.
Silencia – Suicide Girl of the Day
Meet Silencia, a Suicide Girl who loves grandparents and sarcasm and says her list of hobbies is composed of lots of things ending in "ing." This babe says she couldn't live without her brain and heart, but could probably make it without her other organs.
King – Suicide Girl Of The Day
Meet King, an Ohio Suicide Girl who's into cooking for friends and bruises and hates other people's drama. She may not look like one of the crazy variety, but this gal is all about the cats, fellas!
Manko – Suicide Girl Of The Day
Meet Manko, a Suicide Girl from the U.K. who says being mistaken for a transvestite makes her happy and that she spends most of her time wallowing in her self-obsession. Watch out, boys, this one's feisty!
Selene – Suicide Girl Of The Day
Meet Selene, a Suicide Girl from Oregon who loves criminology and cartoons. Careful with the reflective objects around this babe, though, she's easily distracted by shiny things!

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