Another One [Almost] Bites the Dust
Queen guitarist Brian May was so despondent after his bandmate and friend Freddie Mercury died in 1991 that he contemplated suicide. He revealed his dark thoughts in an interview with Spencer Bright of the Daily Mail.
“I regarded myself as completely sick,” said May, who c…
Grenade – Suicide Girl of the Day [PHOTOS]
Meet Grenade, a 21-year-old SuicideGirl from Canada. She loves bondage, taxidermy and Japanese street fashion but animal cruelty and cruelty to any person makes her sad.
You can check out photos of her and find out more about her after the jump.
Lylie – Suicide Girl of the Day [PHOTOS]
Name: Lylie
Age: 21
Location: France
Into: gigs, make up art, travels, I love naughty words in English!
Makes Me Happy: A guitar solo! Making love.
Makes Me Sad: The idiots
Hobbies: Dancing, drawing
See more photos of Lylie and answers to the questionnaire after the jump.
Bully – Suicide Girl of the Day [PHOTOS]
Name: Bully
Age: 26
Location: USA
Into: puppies, dinosaurs, 'Roseanne,' celeb-reality, and candy.

Makes Me Happy: thunderstorms. my music. styx manly and monroe pierce.
Makes Me Sad: animal abuse.
See more photos of Bully and answers to the questionnaire after the jump.

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