The Eagles

Don Henley to Release New Solo Album, ‘Cass County,’ in May
The enduring success of the Eagles means that Don Henley doesn't need to work unless he wants to. And when that time comes, it's hard to get him to stop. In a new interview, he discussed his upcoming projects that will keep him busy for the next few years, which includes a new solo album a…
New Documentary Reminds the Eagles How Funny They Used to Be
There were many things that jumped out to Eagles co-founder Glenn Frey as he waded through hours of homemade archival video footage from the '70s, which would eventually become the heart of the new, no-holds-barred documentary on the seminal Southern California band, 'History of the Eagles…
Timothy B. Schmit Beats Cancer, Earns Clean Bill of Health
Not that there's ever really been a bad time to be a member of the Eagles, all things considered, but this is shaping up to be a pretty good month for the guys in the band -- especially bassist Timothy B. Schmit, who recently shared the news that his battle with cancer appears to be over.