Gotta Go and the Train is Too Slow
Waiting for the train to pass by and mother nature as got you in train pain. To make it worse there are two trains that need to pass. Don't you wish you would have taken an underpass to get you to your destination? It happens!!
Rush’s Time Machine DVD Makes Me Feel Like An NFL Quarterback!
The door bell rings. I run upstairs to the front door. As I reach for the handle, I hear the roar of a diesel engine as the UPS truck chugs out of my driveway and onto the street. There, at my feet is a small package with the unmistakable Amazon.com swoosh emblazoned on the side. Like little Charlie…
Reminder: Change Your Clocks
Spring ahead, no fall back, I don't know I get confused every time we have to do this...keep in mind it is time to spring ahead at 2 AM Sunday, March 13.