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Sam’s Lesson Of The Day!
Today's lesson is the same song as my favorites....Van Halen Running With The Devil. So some tune to an E flat for this song it's up to you what you do. You can watch and learn this in standard tuning it's up to you. So get those fingers loosend up and most of all Enjoy...
Sam’s Favorites : Van Halen
Hey everybody!!! It is time for me to share one of my favorites with you. Every day I cruise the internet looking for whatever tune floats my boat at the moment! Today my favorite is Van Halen.
I would love to hear your suggestions, and who knows maybe I will post one of your favorites right here on …
Sam’s Lesson Of The Day!
For today's lesson how about a Van Halen style lesson like Panama. This will be a great bar song and get the folks up and dancing and drinking which is what the bar owners want. When they make money so does the band. So loosen up those fingers and Enjoy...
New Van Halen Album Rumors Continue
David Lee Roth recently let slip that Van Halen is working on a follow-up to 2012's 'A Different Kind of Truth,' and although he cautioned fans they'd have to wait awhile, it sounds like the band is making real progress.
30 Years Ago: Van Halen Debut ‘Jump’ Video
By waiting until January 1984 to release their '1984' LP, Van Halen broke an impressive one-album-a-year streak that dated back to 1978 -- but they made up for it by picking up their first No. 1 single in the U.S. with the record's lead-off single, 'Jump.'
David Lee Roth Offers Timetable for New Van Halen Album
It was 14 years between Van Halen's last two albums (or even longer if you don't want to count the Gary Cherone debacle), but it seems like we won't have to wait nearly as long for new music from them again. In a new interview, David Lee Roth says that they could have something ready …

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