THIS JUST IN! Men Are Most Attracted to Women in Their 20s
Well this comes as no surprise, Women Are Most Attracted to Men Their Age, Men Are Most Attracted to Women in Their 20s. Uh... DUH!!!
OKCupid just released two graphs that basically summarize everything you'll ever need to know about dating...
Montana Valentine’s Day Getaways
Since Valentine's Day is on a Thursday this year, why not head out of town with your sweetie for a fun, romantic getaway?  We live and play in one of the most gorgeous states, so grab your babe and hit the road!  Take a weekend to enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds us...
Roses Aren’t The ONLY Flower for Valentine’s Day
I must admit, my favorite flower arrangement to receive as a gift is NOT Roses...but breaking this news to my sweetie didn't get me any points.  I think a lot of ladies out there would agree that there are other beautiful flowers to send for Valentine's Day...
Who’s Lazier — Men or Women? [POLL]
Earlier this month, we learned that women have edged ahead of men in terms of average IQ.
But if the fairer sex wants to use their extra smarts to take over the world they’re probably going to have to get off the couch first.
Hottest Women of 2012 (So Far)
If the Mayans are right, and this is the year the world ends, thankfully we’ll have the hottest women of 2012 to stare at while we disappear into oblivion. At least we’ll all die with smiles on our faces.
Even though the year is still young, this list of the hottest women of 2012 is sure to please — …
11 Reasons You Ladies Should Cook For Your Man

Ladies! I realize that the meer mention of domestic chores set's you into a bra burning, red faced rage the likes only Gloria Steinem could appreciate. But step back and think about it. Here are 11 reasons you should make sure you are in charge of meals for your man.

Women Make Men Stupid!
As I've suspected all along, new research has found that the mere mention of a woman's name can temporarily affect a man's brainpower.

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