Ozzy At ZooMontana Has Made His Pick! [Watch]
Today was the big day at ZooMontana in Billings. The day that Ozzy the Grizzly would make his pick for the Big Game! As promised, we were on hand to capture the event.
It was a hard choice for Ozzy. It took him several passes to make his decision but a decision he did make...
ZooMontana’s Ozzy to Predict Super Bowl Winner
Ozzy the Grizzly Bear at ZooMontana is getting ready to predict this year's Super Bowl winner and we will be on tap to show you who he chooses.
This 680- pound bear has become a national sensation by attempting to choose Super Bowl winners the past three years...
ZooMontana Has Two New Residents!
Zoomontana has two new tiny residents!  The zoo made the announcement today and it’s no April Fool’s joke!  Mia and Ben who are North American River Otters are now the proud parents of two male pups that were born on March 11.
Check Out Who Ozzy Picked!
Who do you think will win the biggest game of the year this weekend?  Ozzy the bear at ZooMontana thinks he knows!  The 400 pound grizzly bear made his prediction during a media event at the zoo today!   Ozzy got to chose from two peanut butter cakes with each team logos on them.…