The above picture was e-mailed to me after having lunch with my co-worker and Office Nemesis Tara Nicole.

The e-mail's subject line read,  "GETTING EVEN ONE PIC AT A TIME".

The joke is on you Tara!

Did you think I was going to be embarrassed by this picture? HA! Any Good 'Ole Boy knows this is how you prepare yourself to eat some sloppy and damn tasty food.

You've also have greatly underestimated your opponent!

Why would I be embarrassed by that picture when I've got bed sheets like these?

Joshua Price, Townsquare Media

If you're now asking yourself, "WTF is this dude doing with these sheets?!?" I'm glad you asked because there is an extremely short and boring story behind these sheets.

Joshua Price, Townsquare Media

I work in Radio so I'm not exactly swimming in money. So when you're home for the Christmas Holiday and your Mother asks you if you would like some sheets that she just bought but don't fit the guest bed, for FREE? You're damn right you jump all over it! Who cares what is printed on them? These bad boys are SUPER comfortable, Free, and much better than the sheets that previously adorned my mattress.

 Better luck next time Tara!