Thanks to a really drunk chick and her frisky friends, Montana made national news this week.  Today, Bob and Tom discussed the Bozeman woman who got busted for drunk driving over the weekend while her passengers "exchanged pleasantries" in the back seat of the vehicle.  As dangerous as navigating an automobile can be when you're twice the legal limit, it's even more difficult when you're watching two people get it on in the rear view window.

The driver was cited for DUI, violating Montana's open container law, and driving with an expired registration.  Adding insult to injury, she was also ticketed because her backseat passengers weren't wearing a seat belt, which admittedly, is tricky when you are immersed in the throes of passion.  Bob had the line of the day, saying, "the driver blew a .175.  The gal in the backseat blew something else".

Coincidentally, a similar event happened to a buddy of mine back in high school.  He was driving in a residential neighborhood while another pal was receiving a special favor from his girlfriend in the backseat.  Understandably, my buddy was slightly distracted as the event unfolded.  He ended up jumping a curb and nearly hitting a telephone poll.  Luckily, our friend in the backseat wasn't severely maimed.