According to a new article from the website, the ghost of legendary Doors singer Jim Morrison was recently conjured at a seance in Los Angeles.  The ritual was conducted in the same Hollywood hotel room where Morrison lived for three years in the late 60's.

Is everybody in?  The Ceremony is about to begin.  With the help of a local psychic, Salon writer D.R. Haney and a handful of invited guests called upon the late singer's spirit to revisit the Morrison Hotel.

According to the article, an entity appeared before the clairvoyant and began noticing changes in the hotel room he once called home.  This "ghost" later recounted tales of the dog he once owned with his then companion Pamela Courson.  Then the psychic reached for a sheet of paper and transcribed a poem on behalf of "Jim".

"No more tears to cry
no more lips to kiss
soft, Gentle Man
with a heart of Gold
Give love Give love"

Then, according to the medium, the ghost of Morrison adjourned the meeting and said he was being called to meet a friend from "a former life" in Europe.

If you ever make it to Los Angeles, make time to visit Room 32 at the old Tropicana Motel.  And remember, when the music's over, turn out the lights.