If you're a hockey fan, this month, the Hawk has your chance to win an awesome trip to Chicago to see the Blackhawks host the Penguins outdoors at Soldier Field on March 1st. You can sign up to win The Ultimate Hockey Trip here.

And to help get you primed, here's my completely unofficial list of the Top 5 Hockey Movies (sorry Emilio Estevez, but Mighty Ducks aint one of them).

5.  Youngblood - This little known 1986 flick features the late great Patrick Swayze teaming up with Rob Lowe in a brutal Canadian Jr. Hockey League.  Like most Swayze movies, the dialogue is terrible, but the violence is awesome.  It's basically Roadhouse on ice.

4.  Mystery, Alaska - In this 1999 comedy, the New York Rangers travel to a small town in Alaska to take on a local club hockey squad coached by Burt Reynolds.  Russell Crowe stars as the small town Sheriff and team captain.  While it lacks authentic hockey action, Burt Reynolds is in it.  And any sports movie with Burt Reynolds can't possibly suck.

3.  Goon - If fighting is your favorite thing about hockey, then this movie is right up your alley.  Sean William Scott stars as Doug "The Thug", an enforcer who doesn't really play.  He fights.  When a minor league team faces a tough challenge from a veteran goon named Ross "The Boss", Doug "The Thug" is called in to whoop some ass.

2.  Miracle - Do you believe in miracles?  This epic film chronicles one of the biggest upsets in sports history, when the 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team defeated the heavily favored Russians on their way to a gold medal.  A must see for any true fan.

1.  Slapshot - Sports films don't get any better than this raunchy, violent and hysterical 1977 cult classic.  Paul Newman is masterful as an over the hill player-coach of a hopeless minor league hockey team.  In a last ditch effort to draw fans and save the franchise, Newman turns to the Hanson Brothers, three dimwitted brawlers with thick glasses and fewer brain cells than teeth.  The enduring popularity of Slapshot continues to this day.  In fact, the actors who played the Hanson Brothers still make regular appearances at minor league hockey games all across the country.

Speaking of hockey movies, here's something that both sports and music fans can look forward to.  Rocker/Director Rob Zombie is currently working on a new movie inspired by the famous Philadelphia Flyers "Broad Street Bullies" team of the 70's.  Filming is scheduled to begin next month.