If you've ever partied up at the Stadium Club in the Heights, perhaps you've also wondered why they have a chair in between the men's and women's restroom?  It seems like a weird place to sit.

This weekend, a friend and I decided to conduct the Stadium Club Billings Bathroom Experiment.  We wanted to know, if two guys were sitting in the chair between the restrooms, who would we bother more, men or women?  Much to our surprise, most of the guys and gals weren't creeped out by the sight of two lecherous old men lurking near the bathrooms.

In fact, once we started offering gum to people who had just left the restroom, some of them even gave us money.  In less than 15 minutes, we had collected over $3.  Encouraged by our recent windfall, we wondered how much money a group of hot chicks could make?

So three lovely ladies from our group took over the Stadium Club restroom chair.  Instead of offering gum, they gave out hugs to every man and woman entering the facilities.  And, of course, they more than tripled the amount of money we collected in donations.  All told, they made over $10 in roughly 10 minutes.  One guy even gave them a five dollar bill and a rose.

Next time you're at the Stadium Club, feel free to conduct a your own restroom experiment.