If Generation X could ever claim a television series to be their own, I like to think that it would have been 'X Files'. 'X Files'  was one of those shows that punctuated the television landscape in the 90's, it was up there with 'FRIENDS' and 'Seinfeld'. And while both those shows enjoyed a lot of mass appeal, 'X Files' became the Star Trek for Generation X. It was dark, gritty, and full of awesome stories about technology, conspiracies, and Aliens. The perfect combination for any young person coming in those days surrounded by comic books, computer games, and the early beginnings of the World Wide Web.

Now thanks to the wonders of Netflix, you can relive all nine seasons!

I fell in love with the X Files back when it first began its run on FOX. Over the next few years though I lost track of it and didn't ever really get back into it. Then I somehow ended up watching FOX the night of its series finale. As I watched the episode unfold I realized I had missed a lot, and I mean A LOT.

Now thanks to Netflix I get to catch back up on everything I missed, and it's a lot. This show was made back in the day when the sitcom ruled the roost. So you can expect 20+ episodes per season. Plenty of stuff for you to binge on over the weekend.

Also here's a fun game to play - see how many actors and actresses you can recognize doing cameos on the show who are now A list celebrities in Hollywood.