2013 was definitely a strange year.  Luckily, a radio DJ in Chicago (who's way more clever than I am) put together an awesome list ranking the 10 Weirdest Rock Moments of the Year That Was.

Who could forget the Beatles fan who attempted to clone John Lennon?  Or when Ozzy almost burned his house down while attempting to make a bacon sandwich?  Then there was the Pizza themed Velvet Underground Tribute Band and Paul McCartney's ridiculous claim that he invented the selfie.

Even though it only makes #7 on Stephen Sheffer's list, here's my personal pick for the strangest musical moment of 2013.  Back in June, legendary Queen guitarist Brian May released a song about badgers.  Evidently, the English Government started killing badgers in order to help prevent a tuberculosis outbreak.  As an avid animal rights activist, May was outraged.  To protest, he wrote and record a tune titled "Badger Swagger".  And, it's really bad.

If you're a glutton for punishment, you can check out a clip of Brian May's ode to the badger here.