Today, I briefly watched the Team Speed Skating competition at the Winter Olympics.  In this event, 3 skaters from each country race against teams from other nations.  As I watched these talented ladies fly across the rink, it dawned on me.  The Winter Olympics needs to add Roller Derby on ice.

If you've ever seen the Billings Roller Derby Dames in action, you know how much fun roller derby is to watch.  The action is fast and furious and the athletes are both skilled and tough.  This is exactly the type of excitement the Winter Olympics need.  Sure, curling is cool.  But Roller Derby on ice?  Now that's a sport I would watch.

In fact, Roller Derby might be even better on ice.  For starters, ice skates are faster than roller skates.  Also, falling on ice could actually be safer for the competitors than taking a spill on a flat track.  Plus, roller derby is one of the fastest growing sports in the world.  According the website, there are now over 30,000 registered roller derby skaters all over the globe.