The Most Advanced Care Dentistry Technology
Today’s advanced technologies mean not only better dental health, but more comfort, quality and long-lasting smiles
The Advanced Care You Deserve

Technology in dentistry advances every year, and dentists who don’t aggressively pursue continuing education may rely on equipment and materials they should have long-since replaced by better options.

Something as simple as today’s flexible titanium files — which bend to follow the natural curves of a tooth’s system — make even the dreaded root canal ten times better than just a few years ago. As a self-described “education-junkie,” Dr. Thomas makes certain his patients enjoy the very best technology has to offer.
Conscious Sedation & IV Sedation

Conscious sedation dentistry uses a safe pill-form of triazolam — a form of sedation that cycles out of your system the same day — for deeply relaxed, stress-free “nap dentistry.” Beyond basic training in this treatment option, Dr. Thomas has completed extended coursework to give his patients the best experience. We also partner with board-certified anesthesiologist Dr. Corey Pickens for “nap dentistry” for patients with severe dentistry anxiety.
Whisper Jet “No-Drill” Air Abrasion

This dentistry technology uses an airstream of fine silica powder to quietly and gently remove tooth decay or intensely clean teeth for better bonding to crowns or veneers. In many cases, it completely eliminates any need for drilling and anesthetic injections.
Intraoral Camera & Video Monitor

The magnifying intraoral camera is now standard in dentistry, but unlike many offices, we use it extensively to let patients see issues, be more involved in their care and better understand dental issues as we talk through them.
Soft-Tissue Gentle Laser Healing

As an alternative to uncomfortable scraping with hard metal instruments, this fine-tipped, fiber optic laser painlessly removes unhealthy tissue below the gumline, helping pockets that commonly form around teeth heal faster and more effectively.
No-Risk Digital X-rays

Concerns about dangerous levels of radiation from dental X-rays are simply a thing of the past with our digital X-rays, even when multiple takes are required.
Advanced Materials for Crowns, Veneers, Dentures & Bridges

Today’s dramatically expanded range of plastics and porcelain features more natural coloring, stronger bonding and greater durability. With required continuing education as part of his AACD accreditation, Dr. Thomas stays abreast of this ever-growing array of the best materials for every circumstance.