Yesterday, I was having a conversation with Dallas the Doorman, who works downtown at the Crowne Plaza Hotel where the Hawk studios are located.  Dallas was telling me about the old rock bars he used to hang out at back in the day.

Dallas' favorite spot was Gramma's, which was located near the intersection of Central Ave and 15th Street West.  According to Dallas, they had live bands play every weekend and mayhem typically ensued.  He also partied at a dive called Frank's Hole, which was in the basement of the bowling alley on Central.

After hearing Dallas' stories, we asked Hawk rockers to share their favorite old bars with us on Facebook. Here's some of the comments we received:

Jeremy Edgerton Players Club, Go G,. Rum Jungle, Desperado's, KC's
Sandy RockNroll Smollack Magoos, Drifters, Thunderbirds, Zivios, Corner Pocket, Charlie Brown's
Adam Workman Lamplighter Lounge and the Cattle Company
Linda Tibbetts What about Despos, which was Dr. Feelgood's?
Jeff Lowenthal How about The 17 Club, which is now The Loft? Or Blazin' Saddles, which is now Smittys? Or the Casino Club, then it was The City Club, which is where Bullwhackers is. These were all bars that had live rock and roll bands.

If you partied at any of those places, congratulations.  Somehow you managed to survive.