You hear us talk a lot about classic rock anniversaries on the Hawk, but today marks the 25th anniversary of "Roadhouse", one of the most underrated movies of our era.  Patrick Swayze's ass kicking character "Dalton" first graced the big screen on May 19, 1989.

All these years later, I can still watch this flick from start to finish.  Not only was Dalton a bonafide bad ass, but Kelly Lynch is one of the hottest chicks in movie history.  Who could forget the timeless scene when Dalton defiles her character "Elizabeth Clay" in the barn overlooking evil town tycoon Brad Wesley's property?

Then there was the Double Deuce, the infamous bar plagued by rowdy patrons and violence.  Dalton calls upon his mentor Wade Garrett, played by Sam Elliot, to help take over security.  Sadly, the aging Garrett is outnumbered and overpowered by Wesley's henchmen.  But Dalton avenges his friend and sets out on an epic ass whooping spree, which culminates when he rips out a man's throat with his bare hands.  Eventually, Dalton is able to overcome Wesley's goons and the film ends as Swayze and Lynch frolick in a swimming hole.

Roadhouse also helped launch the career of Jeff Healey, the blind blind guitarist who played in the movie's house band and later scored a huge hit with the single "Angel Eyes". Which was ironic considering that Jeff Healey's eyes couldn't see.

For my money, Patrick Swayze was among the best actors ever.  And "Roadhouse" is right up there with "Point Break" on the list of his greatest performances.