I'm not really sure when the whole "sexy" Halloween costume craze began, but I for one have never complained. What's getting weird though, is that women and costume companies are running out of new ideas. So every year they keep stretching the boundaries of what constitutes a "sexy" costume. I present to you, the top 10 strangest costumed to be "sexualized".

  • The Sexy Ninja

    I had no idea Ninjas could be sexy...until today.

  • The Sexy AND Pregnant Nun

    We have all seen the sexy nun outfit before, but I don think I've ever seen a pregnant sexy nun before.

  • The %22Sexy%22 Abraham Lincoln

    This one is probably one of the stranger costumes I cam across. Sexualizing inanimate objects is one thing, but now you're trying to make a historical MALE figure look sexy? Oh well, Halloween is only once a year, swing for the fences!

  • The Sexy Crayola 

    We've finally answered that age old question, "Can you make an inanimate object sexy?"

    Congratulations Human race.

  • Sexy Dr. Suess's Thing 1 and Thing 2

    This is doing really weird things to the memories of my childhood. I'm not sure Dr. Suess himself would have approved.

  • Sexy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Growing up the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was one of my favorite cartoons and toys. As it turns out, they're still quite popular.

  • The Sexy Firefox Mascot

    Wow. So now were "sex-ifying" the mascots of Web Browsers? Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I just wanted to make sure that this is the direction that Mozilla is taking. If so, Microsoft and Google, take note.

  • The Sexy Tamed Minecraft Animal

    If you find yourself asking, "What is Minecraft?", then you're asking the wrong questions. Seriously, does it really matter?

    FYI: Minecraft is a quite popular computer game.

  • Sexy Mario from The Super Mario Brothers

    I'm not really complaining about how great this young lady looks in this costume. But what makes it really strange is the fact that the character she is representing is a male. Does that not bother anyone else? 

  • The Sexy %22Alien%22 costume

    I had a really hard time processing this costume. There really are lines that shouldn't be crossed. And Latex Fetishes and Science Fiction really should be one of those lines we do not cross.