Fresh into its sixth season, the Showtime series ‘Californication’ has traveled a long and inebriated road, one in which the man behind the wheel, Hank Moody (played by David Duchovny), has left behind a path of empty bottles, lost opportunities, forgotten loves and an immense amount of hotness that incessantly flocks his way, no matter where he seems to be.

Yet amid a series jam-packed with sex, booze and the underground desire to grasp life as a whole, the true beauty of ‘Californication’ comes with its dialogue. As one of the shows with the best dialogue on TV today, the Showtime hit never fails at delivering lines men only wish they could conjure up and ones women only dream to hear.

But this list isn’t about the nearly flawless dialogue. For those who aren't all that impressed with a unique turn of phrase, ‘Californication’ offers other perks that make it a stand out series – naturally, the women. And while the list is extensive, let’s try to narrow down eleven gorgeous women we have gawked at in the past or continue to do so over the course of Hank Moody’s crumbling yet fascinating life.

Natascha McElhone


Hank’s baby mama; his true love, Karen. No matter what woman lies next to the lonesome scribe his mind will forever be filled with fleeting thoughts of love and past memories of his other half. And even with an unmatchable love at their side, it’s hard to skip over the sheer truth that the woman is damn fine.

Pamela Adlon


Adding a bit of spice to the series, the foul-mouthed once-upon-a-time bride of Charlie Runkle, Marcy, keeps getting hotter season after season. She’s waxed nearly all of Hollywood, married and divorced a successful producer, endured a small coke addiction and let her ex-husband participate in a porn flick (on the show, of course) – all the more reason to love Pamela Adlon.

Natalie Zea

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Natalie entered our 'Californication' experience (not to mention our spank banks) in season five, where she played Hank’s ex, Carrie. Along her arc she proved to be both sexy and largely insane, which in an odd way made her even more desirable. And while things ended sadly for her character, we’ll try not to focus too hard on that part as we praise her beauty.

Camilla Luddington

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This innocent British sensation stole our hearts with her sweet personality, yet once she exited Stu Beggs’ pool in nothing but her birthday suit in season five, she successfully took over our minds with thoughts that only viewers of the show would understand. Not that we’re complaining; we love making new friends. 

Addison Timlin

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Playing the famed, yet-to-be-nude-on-the-movie-screen film star, Sasha Bingham, Timlin grabbed our attention on the premiere episode of season four where she exposed a couple of… attachments. From then on it was an all out lust fest between her and our lovable lush.

Eva Amurri Martino

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All we can say is ... thank God Susan Sarandon had a daughter! Sadly, word has it that she was snatched up back in Oct 2011 but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the mark she left on the show’s third season. And trust us, it was quite a memorable mark. During the day she was Hank’s student of the page (yes, he taught college), but when the sun went down Amurri’s character took to the stage as one incredibly sought out stripper.

Meagan Good

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As the fire starter of season six, Good played the role of Kali – the hopeful talent/irresistible temptress who had every guy drooling; too many, in fact. Things turned south when her obsessed producer/lover Samurai (Wu Tang’s RZA) grew jealous of nearly every guy Kali spoke with. Can you blame him, or them?

Michelle Lombardo

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Known as ‘Surfer Girl,’ Lombardo comes in on our list because not only is she gorgeous, but also because she is never wearing anything more than a bathing suit top when featured on the show. Her and Hank didn’t spend too much time together, but when they did there was always a sense of peace. But in truth, with her next to you, what is there to stress about?

Rachel Miner


Let’s venture back to season one and pay homage to one of the girls who initiated our obsession with ‘Californication.’ Miner’s character Dani began as Charlie’s assistant. However, after some light spanking and an unfortunate video tape, Dani quickly found herself holding the title of ‘agent’ with an A-list client on her roster – who happens to be…

Madeline Zima

Yes, the once upon a time daughter in ‘The Nanny’ turned heads when she played a supposed 16-year-old with an immense sexual edge. Whether she was punching Hank at a time of climax or stealing his story, ‘Californication’ made us fall in lust with Madeline Zima.

Carla Gugino

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There’s no way we can end our list without mentioning the ever so sexy ‘Abby Rhodes.’ Gugino's character started out as Moody’s fiery, no nonsense attorney but quickly found herself between his sheets. It looks as if no one can resist the tempting allure of Hank Moody. All we can ask is what are we doing wrong?