Grandma just got run over by a headbanger.  Ugly Christmas Sweaters aren't just for little old ladies anymore.  Metallica recently joined Motorhead, Slayer and several other metal bands now selling decorative holiday sweaters.

This year's batch of official Metallica Christmas Sweaters come in two designs: a red, white and green homage to their classic Master of Puppets album cover and another featuring their iconic lightning bolt logo.  Both sweaters are available through the band's official website and at a variety of online retailers.

Believe it or not, Slayer was the first metal band to cash in on the Christmas Sweater craze.  Several years ago, they launched a sweater depicting the band's logo surrounded by red pentagrams and green skulls.

If you have an extra $80 burning a hole in your pocket, you can buy Motorhead's black and grey "Killed by Death" sweater, which features the band's signature skull logo with protruding horns.

But what about the Hebrew headbangers?  Anthrax recently released the world's first thrash metal Hanukkah sweater, which can also be adorned with a matching Anthrax yarmulke.