It's 2014 and apparently elevator etiquette is completely dead. It was one of the last vestiges of human decency that we had left and it's now gone. So what happened for me to declare elevator etiquette dead? Well let me tell you about my morning.

Our offices are in the 23rd floor of the Crowne Plaza building which is connected to one of the two large parking garages here in downtown Billings.

This morning I'm crossing over from the parking garage, courtesy of the conveniently places sky-bridge, and into the Crowne Plaza Hotel's second floor. There was a person who had crossed the bridge no more than 20 steps in front of me.  As this person pressed the button, they look right at me!

So I assume this person has seen me, either that or they're the first unassisted blind person I've ever seen in my life. So seeing them press the button, I increase my pace slightly because I'd like to get my work day started and would rather not stand around waiting for another elevator.

As luck would have it I timed perfectly, thanks to my quickened pace I'm inside the Crowne Plaza and about 10 steps from the elevators when the elevators ding announcing the arrival of the elevator. So I think to myself, "oh great awesome timing, this Monday is off to a great start."

But oh boy was I very wrong.

Apparently the idea of holding the elevator for five seconds for the person clearly heading towards the bank of elevators is no longer common courtesy.

There's plenty of other elevators in the building, f$%^k me for entertaining the notion that a couple of people who share a common building could split an elevator ride up to the upper floors of the Crowne Plaza.

All I wanted was for you to maybe stop your mad dash to the rat races for just five seconds and check to see if I too might need an elevator ride to work.