Happy President's Day.  Unless you work for the government, chances are you'll probably be honoring our nation's legendary leaders at work today.

As we celebrate American history, here's a question for the rockers:  If you could build a Mount Rushmore of Classic Rock, what 4 faces would you choose?

In my opinion, you start with the Beatles.  Just like George Washington, the Beatles are the founding fathers of classic rock.  And no Beatle was bigger than John Lennon.

The Stones are next on my Mount Rockmore.  If John Lennon is the George Washington of classic rock, then Mick Jagger is the Thomas Jefferson.  This comparison is even more fitting after listening to the song "Brown Sugar".

Jimmy Page is the Teddy Roosevelt on my Mountain of rock.  Although his band mate Robert Plant never spoke softly, Page carried a big stick.  Zeppelin's influence on hard rock shook up the music world just like Roosevelt's progressive ideas helped shape our nation.

And of course, you can't have a Mount Rushmore of Classic Rock without the Great Emancipator.  My pick for the Abraham Lincoln of rock is Jimi Hendrix.  With all due respect to other great guitarists like Townsend, Clapton, Van Halen, Gilmore, Lifeson and many others, Hendrix ushered in a new era of creativity that has defined rock music ever since.

Admittedly, it was hard to narrow my list down to only 4.  Who'd I miss?  Feel free to drop me a line and tell me who you would put on your Classic Rock Mount Rushmore.